The Fearless Triathlon Academy provides essential triathlon skills instruction in a hands-on, group setting to prepare every athlete for successful training and racing. Learn all the skills you need, whether you commit to a race or not.

Athletes that complete the Essential Skills Training classes listed below, earn their Fearless Certification. Certified Fearless Athletes get special recognition on the team, discounts on training programs and coaching, and a Special Edition Cycling Jersey.

Fearless Triathlon Academy Courses are 2 hours long. Enrollment in the Academy is $200 (or $40 per class) and includes all of the Essential Skills classes listed below.  In each class, a coach will work with you to assure you have mastered the necessary skills.  These skills do not require much fitness but you should be in good health. Private Swim lessons may be required for an additional fee.

Classes will be taught at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort, Waterworks Aquatics in Irvine, and various parks and trails in the Irvine area.

  • Essential Triathlon Bike Skills

  • Essential Swim Technique Skills

  • Essential Open Water Swimming

  • Essential Training Basics

  • Essential Triathlon Running Skills

  • Essential Transition Skills and Fueling



Private Swimming Lessons


Hands down, the best private swim instruction in Orange County! Ingrid is a Total Immersion Freestyle Certified swim coach and she will quickly transform your swimming from struggle to dreamy ease. Contact Ingrid to book a lesson.


Strategic Speed


Making Time Limits for your first 70.3 or 140.6
Contact Ingrid for more details. 


Weight MGMT


Fearless Weight Management for Female Endurance Athletes and Weight Management Group. Multiple sessions and regular group meetings available.


I have been very impressed with Ingrid’s knowledge of the sport. She is also very responsive to questions and comes across as very genuine in her interest to see you become better and do well on your next Tri. Her follow up emails on things to work on are very detailed, and she has a great teaching style that allows you to really understand her suggestions to improve your form.
— Mar 30, 2016
Great swim lesson! Ingrid helped me to regain my confidence and improve my techniques. She is so patient and a great teacher
— Mar 17, 2016
After 8 months learning how to swim on a Masters team, and seeing little progress, I took 3 lessons with Ingrid. She was immediately able to pinpoint my deficiencies, and provide me with plenty of instruction and cues to change my stroke. I completed my first olympic tri today and killed it on the swim. She taught me how to remain calm and expend very little energy with a maximum return. I have to say this was the best money I spent in preparing for the tri. Don’t hesitate give her a call!
— Sep 12, 2015