About Coach Ingrid Loos Miller...


Coaching middle-aged accountants, school-teachers and computer geeks into skilled and confident triathletes is the most fun and satisfying job ever.  99.9% of triathletes will never get to the Ironman World Championships, including myself, but if you join me, we will train and race together and we will get faster and stronger and make great friends along the way.



  • Coached over 100 successful half and full distance triathlon finishes, often with athletes that could hardly swim when they hired me.


  • Participating in Triathlons and endurance events of all distances for over 10 years
    • Dozens of Sprint and Olympic Distance finishes, often on the podium.
    • LA Tri Series AG Champion
    • 6 Ironman Distance Finishes including Arizona, Los Cabos, Palm Springs and Vineman
    • Numerous Half-Distance Ironman Finishes including Hawaii, Vineman, Bayshore, Palm Springs, Santa Clarita, Chula Vista, Oceanside, Silverman
    • 10K Open Water Swim finisher
    • Dozens of Marathons, Half Marathons and Mountain Runs
    • Rowed across Catalina Channel in 2 man dory 3 times during tenure as Ocean Lifeguard
  • 8 years on the beach ocean lifeguard experience which has been key to helping athletes deal with open water anxiety

Coach Certifications:

  • USAT Level 1 Coach since 2008
  • Total Immersion Freestyle Coach
  • Training Peaks University Level 2 Coach
  • USA Cycling Coach


  • Weight Management for Triathletes (Meyer & Meyer 2016, second printing)
  • Fearless Swimming for Triathletes (Meyer & Meyer 2011)
  • Functional Strength for Triathletes (Meyer & Meyer 2012)
  • Weight Management for Triathletes (Meyer & Meyer 2010)
  • Ironplanner: Iron-Distance Organizer for Triathletes (Meyer & Meyer 2009)
  • Contributor: Trail Runner, Marathon and Beyond, Triathlete Magazine

Previous Career:

  • Attorney: 1985-2010. Now retired