Group Training and Racing

Group Training and Racing

Swim, ride and run with teammates when you join the Fearless Endurance Triathlon Club. 

The club is open to anyone that wants to join. The low annual membership fee covers your insurance and gets you access to the "Secret" Facebook page which is information central.  Events, workouts, and Team Races are posted there, along with the team chit-chat and lots of helpful coaching information. If you want to participate in a group training session, just RSVP.

Group Workouts are structured around athletes that have purchased a Training Program, but all club members are invited to join the workouts and go as far and as fast as they wish. Training Program athletes each have their own pace and distances to do.

WARNING: Don't join the club unless you are willing to check Facebook twice a day. We are a very active club and sometimes a workout is moved on short notice because of weather or other issues. If you don't check the Facebook Page you will be missing out on important information.

2018 Membership January 1-December 31 is $99



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Get to the finish line FASTER  

Get to the finish line FASTER


A Custom Training Plan is delivered to you via the Training Peaks platform included in your training program.  Coach Ingrid uses Training Peaks (see her coach profile) to deliver your workout calendar and to review your data so she can monitor your progress.

 If you are bored when you are swimming, riding your bike and running, you are not training right.  A custom Training Plan will keep you focused on technique and appropriate effort levels so you can improve more quickly. 

Fearless Training Plans are based on the skill level and fitness of each athlete. Some athletes will focus on higher intensity while others will be doing more easy distance.  Ingrid will design a plan that is most suitable for your current level of development as an athlete. The club workout locations will be synchronized to your training plan so you never have to train alone on weekends, unless you want to.

  • You will need a Garmin or other fitness tracker.

You will get plenty of feedback and you can email or message Ingrid anytime. Ingrid quickly responds to messages and emails.

If you need extra help with any discipline, Ingrid is available for one on one coaching and she can design a special skill development program just for you.

Contact Ingrid to learn more. Click here to register and for pricing.

Triathlon Swimming Lessons in Pool and Open Water

Learn to love the swim

Learn to love the swim

Swimming is the most technical of triathlon disciplines. Ingrid is a Total Immersion Certified Freestyle Coach with her extensive ocean swimming and lifeguarding experience. She is very patient too - this makes her exceptionally qualified to teach new and nervous swimmers to be calm and fast in the open water.

Ingrid can improve your swimming by leaps and bounds in just a few lessons-guaranteed. Once you can swim in the pool, she will teach you how to train and race in open water.

  • Pool Lessons are $100 per hour or $50 for 30 min.
  • Lessons for two students at the same time are $120 per hour or $60 for 30 min.
  • Private Open Water Anxiety Management Class is available.

Schedule a pool lesson on the Contact/Schedule Lesson page and start swimming better today.

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