Triathlon Club


 Group Training and Racing

Group Training and Racing

Swim, ride and run with teammates when you join the Fearless Endurance Triathlon Club. 

The club is open to anyone that wants to join. The low annual membership fee covers your insurance and gets you access to the "Secret" Facebook page which is information central.  Events, workouts, and Team Races are posted there, along with the team chit-chat and lots of helpful coaching information. If you want to participate in a group training session, just RSVP.

Group Workouts include Saturday and Sunday Open Water Swims at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort, Pirate's Cove, and Corona Del Mar State Beach.

Rides are on on local bike trails and lightly traveled roads as much as possible.

If you are headed down to for a swim and want company, post it on the club page and invite others to join you.

WARNING: We are a very active club and sometimes a workout is moved on short notice because of weather or other issues. If you don't check the Secret Facebook Page you will be missing out on important information.

2018 Membership from January 1-December 31 is $99

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Coached Training Programs

 Get to the finish line FASTER

Get to the finish line FASTER

A Custom Training Plan is delivered to you via the Training Peaks platform included in your training program.  Coach Ingrid uses Training Peaks (see her coach profile) to deliver your workout calendar and to review your data so she can monitor your progress.

 If you are bored when you are swimming, riding your bike and running, you are not training right.  A custom Training Plan will keep you focused on technique and appropriate effort levels so you can improve more quickly. 

Ingrid will design a plan that is most suitable for your current level of development as an athlete, and she will show you how to read and follow your plan.

The club workouts are synchronized to your training plan so you never have to train alone on weekends, unless you want to.

Ultimate Flexibility- You can move your workouts around as you wish during a given week. That means your training revolves around your life, rather than your life revolving around training.

You can train for a Sprint triathlon in as little as 5 hours per week, and for a Full Ironman in about 14.

You will get plenty of feedback and you can email or message Ingrid anytime. Ingrid quickly responds to messages and emails.

If you need extra help with any discipline, Ingrid is available for one-on-one coaching and she can design a special skill development program just for you.

Contact Ingrid to learn more. Click here to register and for pricing.

Triathlon Academy

 Become a Certified Fearless Athlete

Become a Certified Fearless Athlete

The Fearless Triathlon Academy provides essential triathlon skills instruction in a hands-on, group setting to prepare every athlete for successful training and racing. Learn all the skills you need, whether you commit to a race or not.

Athletes that complete the Essential Skills Training classes listed below, earn their Fearless Certification. Certified Fearless Athletes get special recognition on the team, discounts on training programs and coaching, and an awesome Jacket with embroidered team logo and your name.

Fearless Triathlon Academy Courses are 2 hours long. Enrollment in the Academy is $280 (or $50 per class) and includes all of the Essential Skills classes listed below.  Register here. In each class, a coach will work with you to assure you have mastered the necessary skills.  These skills do not require much fitness but you should be in good health. Private Swim lessons may be required for an additional fee.

Classes will be taught at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort, Waterworks Aquatics in Irvine, and various parks and trails in the Irvine area.

o   Essential Triathlon Bike Skills

o   Essential Swim Technique Skills

o   Essential Open Water Swimming

o   Essential Training Basics

o   Essential Triathlon Running Skills

o   Essential Transition Skills and Fueling

Additional classes are also available

o   Private Swimming Lessons - The best private swim instruction in Orange County, hands down! Ingrid is a Total Immersion Freestlye Certified swim coach and she will quickly transform your swimming from struggle to dreamy ease. Schedule a lesson here.

o   Making Time Limits for your first 70.3 or 140.6

o   Fearless Weight Management for Female Endurance Athletes and Weight Management Group. Multiple Sessions and regular group meetings. Contact Ingrid for additional details.

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