A custom training plan is delivered to you via the Training Peaks platform included in your training program.  Coach Ingrid uses Training Peaks to deliver your workout calendar and to review your data so she can monitor your progress.

 If you are bored when you are swimming, riding your bike and running, you are not training right.  A custom Training Plan will keep you focused on technique and appropriate effort levels so you can improve more quickly. Ingrid will design a plan that is most suitable for your current level of development as an athlete, and she will show you how to read and follow your plan.

 The club workouts are synchronized to your training plan so you never have to train alone on weekends, unless you want to. We also offer ultimate flexibility so you can move your workouts around as you wish during any given week. That means your training revolves around your life, rather than your life revolving around training. You can train for a Sprint triathlon in as little as 5 hours per week, and for a Full Ironman in about 14. You will get plenty of feedback and can email or message Ingrid anytime. She is quick to respond to messages and emails.

If you need extra help with any discipline, Ingrid is available for one-on-one coaching and she can design a special skill development program just for you. Contact Ingrid to learn more.